Waterless Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser

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Waterless Diffuser


  • High Quality - Made from highest quality natural material of sustainable hard wood and hand-blown glass. 
  • Super Quiet - With less than 30 db noise, this essential oil diffuser is suitable for running at night with lavender essential oils to cure insomnia. 
  • Mist Control and Timer - A smart knob allows you to control the intensity of aromatic vapor, and turn on/ off the model.
  • Auto-off Technology - The waterless essential oil diffuser will automatically shut off after running for 2 hours, in case you forgot to turn it off before leaving.


  • Diffusers give you health and therapeutic benefits for your well-being and can help ease discomfort from colds, sinusitis, flu, stress, anxiety, and improve your mood. When you are stressed or have feelings of anxiety, the best essential oils will rescue you.
  • Our Nebulizing Diffuser uses 100% pure essential oils without water poured directly into its reservoir. It emits a pure mist of the oil fragrance that is the highly concentrated essence of the plants.